January 15

Selling Your Seattle or Eastside Home


Seattle area home for saleSeattle and Eastside home sellers typically have a number of questions in common:

“How much is my home worth?”
“What do I need to do to prepare my home for sale?”
“Do I need a home stager?”
“When is the best time to list my home?”
“What listing price will attract the greatest number of home buyers without leaving any money on the table?”

Key Points When Selling Your Seattle or Eastside Home

The key to pricing your home correctly is to understand its current value in the market, along with the effects of seasonal trends, local housing supply, and the economic climate.  In the article linked to below we explain how we determine market value and pricing strategy.

The Value of Correctly Pricing Your Seattle or Eastside Home

Every home needs to look as stunning and appealing to its target market as possible, both online and in person – regardless of price range. Outstanding home preparation, home staging, and professional photography are essential, which is why we include them as part of our standard listing service.  The article linked to below explains how we help home sellers get the most out of their sale by maximizing their home’s value before we list it.

Staging Your Seattle or Eastside Home

How well your home is prepared and priced prior to the listing is more important than the actual timing of the listing.  However, it is important to take into account seasonal fluctuations in demand and supply.  The article linked to below provides insight into our typical demand and supply trends in the Seattle area real estate market.

 Seattle and Eastside Real Estate Market Trends

 Here are some photo galleries showing examples of homes we listed and sold after working with the sellers for weeks or months on preparing the home, then staging and hiring a professional photographer.

– Click Here to See Our Home Staging Photo Galleries –

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